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Using workplace assessments can reduce your hiring costs. Hire the right job match the first time. Anticipate future coaching challenges. Learning what makes your top performers thrive. Hire more top performers!


Do you recognize these challenges?

You Need Assessments

Would you rather change in the oil in your car every 3,000 miles or buy a new engine? Obviously a small investment can often save a huge cost down the road.

A small investment - like workplace assessments - can help you avoid the big cost later down the road - unnecessary and aggravating turnover. 

Using our workplace assessments is like hiring with the lights on. 

Find out what the candidates are REALLY like - BEFORE you hire them!

High employee turnover

Hiring managers who lack interview skills

Making bad hiring decisions

Rising recruiting costs

Ineffective hiring process

Losing top performers because of a bad manager

Confusion about job descriptions

Managers who don't mentor

Communication issues between managers and employees



Total Person

Assessment (not a personality test). It measures thinking style, behavioral traits and interests. It also matches a candidates results with a custom pattern we make from your top performers in the position



Build balanced,

effective teams



Get a read on 4 vital workplace attitudes for low risk hires: Honesty, reliability, work ethic and substance abuse



Perception is reality.

Identify strengths and weaknesses in 18 core management areas

PXT Sales


Using a custom job pattern based on your top people, you can hire more people like your top performers


Take control of your assessment program

Performance Indicator

This is the personality assessment. It's like a manual to understand employees. A DISC based personality assessment with individual reports and a management report. 

Volume discounts

With your own virtual assessment center you can save money by getting volume discounts

 "The Partner Group is a top-notch organization that provides partnerships with their clients in helping to fine-tune the selection process and solve people related challenges. The assessments are a great tool that can provide insight into team members and how they work together as well as individual behavioral traits, thinking style and occupational interests.  The excellent service provided by the Partner Group and their urgency and attention to your needs are characteristics that make this organization a highly reputable resource and a partner I enjoy working with, respect, and can highly recommend.”  HR Manager

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