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Quotes from Michael Derrick's management training:


On employee engagement


Employee engagement is when employees are emotionally plugged in.


The number one reason people unplug and stop being emotionally invested in their work is when they don't feel valued by their immediate supervisor. 


On relationships at work

When we improve relationships we improve productivity.


On Delegation

Delegation is the art of watching somebody do something you KNOW you could do better yourself.

The ultimate goal in delegation is to only do that which only you can do.

On Being A Street Smart Manager

Almost every manager I have ever met has a spy. The manager thinks they are helping but they aren't. When people think you are getting information through your spy they won't trust you - and nothing is more important than trust. The bottom line: Get rid of your spy.

On the Topic of Information

Two things to be careful about: 1) where you get your information and 2) where people THINK you get your information




Managers need to ask themselves, "When you tell someone what to do, where does your authority come from?" 

If your answer is “because I’m the boss,” that’s typical. But it’s also the lowest level of leadership.


If you are depending on your Sheriff's badge to get people to follow you, that might work with baby boomers

but not with millennial's. 

Managing people isn’t easy but ongoing training keeps supervisors up to date on the techniques that will work in today’s multi-generational workplace.




Some tough love for managers:

Just because you're the boss doesn't
mean you're the leader. 

Have you ever been in a room where the boss announced a change but everyone looked at one of the team members to see their reaction before getting on board with the change?

Yes, the boss has a higher position on the corporate ladder. But, that doesn't mean they are the leader. The leader is the one with influence. Don't depend on your position, be the type of person that people would follow even if you didn't have the position!

Everything rises and falls on leadership.

John Maxwell defines leadership this way: “Leadership is influence.”


Quotes from Michael Derrick's management training:



On the three big things every manager needs to succeed

There are three big areas to master as a manager. Almost all the core management competencies fall into one of these three areas:


1) Trust 
2) Communication
3) Relationships


Trust is having confidence in someone. Without trust you can't have teamwork and will have difficulty accomplishing anything.


Communication is getting the thought from your head into someone else' head.


Relationship is the emotional tone between two people.

Relationship does NOT mean friendship. We have relationships with friends but we even have relationships with adversaries at work - so relationship does NOT equal friendship.

So, what is relationship?

Relationship is the emotional tone between two people. It's like an invisible pipe or tube between two people and when it gets clogged up by hurt feelings or bitterness then it's harder to work together.


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